The contemporary white clay pot are a unique addition to any space. The pot are a modern take on the traditional Zulu uKhamba or 'beer drinking pot'. The hand made white clay pot are available in 5 size options. Traditional methods are applied in the etching on the pot. The design on the exterior of the pot may vary from a dimple to a traditional Zulu etch design. The pot are elegant yet traditional in design with strong African elements. The clay pot are predominantly decorative but may be used as a plant holder or vase. Place a glass jar inside the pot to hold water for fresh flowers or plants.

  • White clay pot
  • XS | 7x9CM, S | 11x12CM, M | 17x22CM, L | 30x33CM, XL | 33x37CM
  • Hand crafted
  • Traditional Zulu or bobble design
  • Made in South Africa

White clay pot

PriceFrom R120,00