The traditional Zulu River clay pot or Ukhamba has been used in celebrations and rituals for generations. The pot are traditional in design and detail. The deep rich earth color, the detailed etch or bobble design and the smooth finish define the pot. Ukhamba will add a decorative, organic element to any space. Use the pot as a decor piece or functional vase.

Process | Clay is dug out of the river bank before being left under the African sun to dry. The dried clay is pulverised on a grinding stone before being sieved to remove any impurities. The powdered clay is reconstituted with water to create a smooth, firm medium that stands for 24 hours before use. The pot is formed by building up coils of clay and smoothing them down with a smooth stone. Amasump or dimples may be applied to the pot at this stage. More intricate designs are applied using natural tools such as corn cobs, sticks and stones. When dry, the pot is placed on an open fire and covered with bark and leaves to ensure the pot is fired at a high temperature. The fired pot are polished, traditionally with animal fat, with shoe or floor polish to get a high gloss finish.

  • River clay pot
  • Traditional hand made Zulu drinking pot or Ukhamba
  • Small | 6(H) x 6(D) CM; Medium | 14(H) x 14(D) CM
  • Large | 24(H) x 28(D) CM; XL | 32(H) x 34(D) CM
  • Made in South Africa

River clay pot

PriceFrom R170,00