Hand carved animal wall hook exude character whilst reminding us of the fragility of wild animal in Africa. Made by artisans in East Africa we applaud the craftsmanship and attention to detail. A decor delight or functional wall hook for jewelry, scarf or shawl. Paired together in a kiddies play area, bedroom or bathroom. Animal wall hook are available in the below designs:


  • Buffalo 21W x 18H x 14D
  • Elephant 21W x 12.5H x 14D
  • Giraffe 7.5W x 30H x 7D
  • Ostrich 7.5W x 30H x 9D
  • Rhino 8W x 13H x 14D
  • Unicorn 7.5W x 23H x 7D
  • Flamingo 7.5W x 24H x 7D

  • Animal wall hook
  • Hand carved hook or decor piece
  • Various design and color options
  • Unique design
  • Made in East Africa

Animal wall hook