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About Shweshwe

Shweshwe fabric is a 100% cotton fabric dating back to the Indigo Cloth of 2400 BC.

Shweshwe was brought to Africa by French missionaries as a gift for the King of Lesotho in the 1800s. The cloth was later embraced by African ladies and adopted as a traditional cloth for clothing, thus entrenching itself in the African culture.

Authentic Shweshwe fabric is solely manufactured by Da Gama Textiles in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The fabric is identified by its waxy texture, unique smell and narrow width. Traditionally the fabric was characterized by its intricate geometric patterns on either a brown, red or blue base colour. Today, Shweshwe is available in a multitude of colour and design options.

Shweshwe fabric used in the manufacture of our table linen, apron and bed linen has been preshrunk.

Preshrinking Shweshwe aids the colourfast process and the shrinkage allowance of 10% is realized. Please wash all shweshwe products separately until you are sure the fabric colour will not run. Avoid placing your shweshwe products in direct sunlight for long periods of time as the colour may fade.

Shweshwe will soften with each wash whilst ageing gracefully. Shweshwe is renowned for its durability which is a testament to traditional manufacturing and printing methods still used today. Shweshwe has been described as the tartan of South Africa. We have embraced our heritage by designing and manufacturing unique yet functional pieces for you and your home.

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