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Authentic handmade African craft products & works of art


Products that display local talent, use natural raw materials and uplift the lives of the artisan.


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What we do

What we do

We design, source, produce, market and sell a diverse collection of authentic handcrafted products from Africa. Each piece we source is a work of art, individually produced with character and intent that talks to the soul. The story of the artisan may be interpreted through a unique marking, irregular finish or an element of creativity incorporated into each piece. 

We also design and manufacture a range of table linen, apron and bed linen using Shweshwe fabric. Shweshwe is a 100% cotton fabric, designed and made in South Africa. It is renowned for its bold colours, geometric and floral designs and durability which improves with age. Our Shweshwe collection is inspired by the authenticity of Africa, practical living and large dining tables with a touch of Bohemian. 


With our extensive network across Africa, we are able to source unique and diverse products which may not appear on our website or social media. Should you need assistance selecting a piece to complement your home, we would love to assist. Please contact us for a consultation. 

Africa is unique, creative and alive with colour as is our collection of homeware, decor pieces and accessories. Pieces used in traditional homesteads transition to the modern home as a work of art adding depth, intrigue and texture.

Our ethos is one of conscious lifestyle and embracing the perfect in the imperfect. Incorporate an authentic piece of Africa into your home from my love for africa.

Why we do it

Why we do it

The essence of Africa and its people can be experienced through the cultural expression of dance, dress and song. Cultural celebration may be accompanied by handcrafted wooden, skin and beaded pieces; a Zulu dancing stick, a Maasai wedding necklace, a clay drinking pot or a piece of cloth specific in colour and design may define a celebration. 

Tradition in Africa, as in the Western world, is slowly being abandoned and thus lost. We endeavour to keep these traditions alive and the stories told through authentic pieces of African craft. 

Craft is a skill worthy of appreciation and recognition. my love for africa is committed to creating sustainable opportunities for artisans who show creativity, skill and commitment. We work directly with artisans, coordinators and like-minded individuals who share our passion and vision for authentic, unique African produced pieces. 

In today's consumer-driven society we offer our customers unique handcrafted pieces that talk to the soul. Pieces that have a story to tell whether they have been produced in a rural village or urban studio. A piece that has skillfully been woven using local natural materials or a piece depicting the fauna and flora of Africa. A piece that may be inspired by functional need, travelled across dusty plains whose beauty is imperfect, unique and its authenticity palpable.


Feel the heart and soul of Africa in our collection of handcrafted artisanal pieces.

Our story

Our story

my love for africa was established by Paula de Boer in 2015. Growing up in the Eastern Cape, Paula was enamoured by the Xhosa culture and dress, particularly the use of Shweshwe fabric. Xhosa ladies wore Shweshwe dresses regally and with pride. These memories formed the foundation of my love for africa together with her experience living and travelling through Africa. 

Having lived in Zambia, Egypt and Kenya for many years, Paula returned to South Africa with her family. Relying on her qualification and work experience in logistics and in rural development, Paula combined her skill and passion when starting my love for africa

Initially, the purpose of establishing her small business was to create employment using locally produced Shweshwe fabric. Over time the scope of my love for africa has developed to encompass product development, sourcing and marketing. 

Through marketing handcrafted homeware, decor and accessories from Africa, Paula’s focus is to create a sustainable market for crafters and artisans across Africa. Each piece promoted by my love for africa has a story, Paula delights in sharing these stories with her customers. 

Today, my love for africa promotes Shweshwe table linen, apron and bed linen together with a diverse collection of handcrafted homeware, decor and accessories. Paula’s collection is diverse and encompasses furniture, lighting, grass mats, hand blown glassware and basketry to name a few. 


Paula sources products from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zanzibar. Her extensive network of crafters and artisans allows for a diverse and extensive product offering for both her local and international client base.


Shweshwe fabric

Shweshwe is an iconic fabric dating back to the Indigo Cloth of 2400 BC. Originally produced in the Middle East and then Europe, today Shweshwe is solely produced in South Africa. The fabric is defined by its wax coating, narrow width and bold geometric and floral designs. 

my love for africa only uses authentic, 100% cotton Shweshwe fabric produced by Da Gama Textiles. The fabric softens with each wash despite being incredibly durable. Our range of Shweshwe table linen, apron and bed linen is designed and manufactured to the highest standard in South Africa.

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